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Caring for children with SEND

Kidz 1st Day Nursery is a fully inclusive environment dedicated to ensuring that every child in our care gets the best start to their education.

We pride ourselves on being the only private nursery in the London Borough of Brent that specializes in Special Educational Needs and Disability, and we welcome and work with children with all kinds of Special Educational Needs and Disability.


How Do We Support Children with Special Needs?



We have a two dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCO), who is responsible for overseeing the daily provision for special educational needs, working with the key persons to ensure that the needs of children with SEND are met.

They are available for parents if they have questions and/or concerns, and work proactively with outside agencies and professionals to ensure that children with SEND and their families have access to the additional help and support to which they are entitled.— See Provisions and Agencies Accessed by and Through Kidz 1st Day Nursery.


Nursery Environment

Here at Kidz 1st Day Nursery, provisions for children with SEND are inclusive, and integration with children without SEND is wholly advocated and practised throughout the setting as far as is beneficial to the children.

In addition to adhering to the national curriculum for children under five years within the UK — the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) — we tailor our activities to the needs of the individual child, to best promote their own learning and development.

The entire nursery is wheelchair accessible, being situated solely on the ground floor, with a ramp to the main entrance and rear fire exit.

We have very own Sensory Room. Designed and created with our SEND children in mind, the Sensory Room allows them to access a quiet space in which to learn through visual, tactile and audial stimuli.



As our practice is inclusive, all staff members are responsible for ensuring the nursery provisions are accessible for all children and receive regular training to ensure that their knowledge remains relevant and up-to-date.

In addition, our staff bring knowledge and experience of working with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disability to the Nursery, ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder and Behavioural Disorders to Deafness and Complex Physical Conditions.


Identifying Needs, Referrals and Interagency Working

All children are observed and assessed to ascertain the best way to aid their learning and development. For those who are showing concerning signs of an additional need, 

we have a SEND System in place, where through a series of observations and liaisons by staff members, the SENCOs and parents/carers, we work to assess the best course of action for your child to support their development. — Feel free to ask Reception to see the full SEND System.

Where necessary, we may make referrals to a range of agencies and professionals in order to provide the child with specialist support. We will help to set up the initial meetings and support parents in attending appointments. — See Provisions and Agencies Accessed by and Through Kidz 1st Day Nursery.


Working in Partnership with Parents

Every child is allocated a key person upon enrolment, and this person will be responsible for recording your child’s progress and will be your first point of contact regarding your child’s development.

Parent meetings are regularly arranged with your child’s key person to share information about your child’s settling in and termly progress.

Sometimes, discovering that a child has SEND can be quite a daunting time for families, so we aim to keep parents well-informed of what happens next, what their options are, and what services are available to them. Prior to any specialists being contacted, parents’ permission is sought first. This way, we can keep parents at the heart of the decision-making process.

Parents are informed of any meetings with specialists, or any observations sessions, and we encourage parents to share the progress and outcomes of any specialist appointments. As a result, a holistic view of the child's progress may be attained, and consistent strategies can be applied.



Provisions and Agencies

Accessed by and Through Kidz 1st Day Nursery:

Community Nurse

* Early Years Inclusion Support Team (EYIST)

* Educational Psychologist

* Family Support Worker

* In-House Sensory Room

* Makaton Training

* Occupational Therapist

* Paediatrician

* Peg Training

* Physiotherapist

* Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

* Play Therapist

* Portage Training

* Portage Workers

* Social Workers

* Speech and Language Therapist

*Teacher of the Deaf




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