Aims of the nursery

We believe that quality childcare is dependent on quality staff. We further believe that it is necessary to provide children with learning that is structured, balanced and relevant to the experience needed to take them through their learning journey and beyond. At Kidz 1st through our commitment to every child in our care we aim to;


         Provide a warm, friendly, caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment, whilst providing a quality learning experience.


         Provide effective education relevant to the guidelines of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), which takes into account and responds to children’s developmental needs.


         Taking into consideration the well-being of each child, ensuring they have a positive experience that will help boost their self esteem, confidence and help provide the right motivation for their future learning.


         Integrate all children irrespective of their individual needs.


         Work in close partnership with parents/carers, to ensure a more rewarding nursery experience for each child irrespective.

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Monday 0800 - 1800

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Saturday 0800 - 1600


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       Kidz 1st Day Nursery 


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     37 - 41 Winchelsea Road


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